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Brad Redding November 9, 2017
"By far the most understanding pharmacy I have been to in 40 years . Not only professional but very concerning about Me and my severe issues. Margie and Bridget are wonderful people. Not a problem at all. Love them"
Jessika Crawford October 26, 2017
"Great customer service. Small drug store where the clientele is treated like a friend. We were visiting in Glenwood Springs for three days and found ourselves stopping by to say "Hello". Their aim is to have you leave happy. And, yes, they are very dog friendly. It was a nice experience in their store."
Jim Mullen September 2, 2016
"This is the best Drug Store with lots of grate gifts and souvenirs._With there delivery service why would you go stand in line and wait on a prescription. we love their friendly staff."
Eric Strautman December 2, 2015
"They are the Best. Fun store and knowledgeable, friendly staff. Good to do business with local people."